Autumn Skies & Pumpkin Pies

Autumn is my favourite season.

Thanks to my amazing Mom, I am a really good cook...not brilliant, original, MasterChef, whip up a gourmet meal from the contents of your fridge quality, but really good. The thing is, I have never been someone that enjoys putting a meal on the table every day. I love to cook for dinner parties, and over the years I've made some pretty spectacular meals!

These days, I rarely entertain, with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and occasionally, Easter. I love making and serving a full-on turkey dinner, with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, squash, some green vegetable or other with pumpkin and lemon meringue pie for dessert....two of each! Since I am hours away from any of my family, these holiday dinners have evolved into a feast for friends and neighbours.

The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun, as in Canada we are roughly six weeks away from T-day. Soon the frozen turkeys will start showing up in the supermarkets, and my hunt for a 20+ pound bird will begin. My Thanksgiving guest list is small, but my turkey is big.....must have leftovers for sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini, turkey stew, turkey soup....etc.

The star of the Thanksgiving meal is definitely the pumpkin pie, and the best recipe comes from the can of E.D. Smith canned pumpkin. Make sure you buy the canned pumpkin, not the canned pumpkin pie really does make a difference.

Here is a link to the recipe:

Oh and my secret to making it the best pie ever is to double the amount of nutmeg in the recipe...I discovered that literally by accident a couple of years ago!

The other key to making it perfect is to make your own whipped cream, and don't skimp on the pure vanilla...artificial extract just isn't the same.

So, anyway....all of this to say that on my FB Live I will be doing our Autumn Skies & Pumpkin Pies transfer, and I will be showing it on a few different surfaces including our 5" x 7" Board and Pillar Stand, and our new 5" x 7" Bistro Spinning Sign. I'm also going to rummage in my crafting closet for a found surface as well.

Follow the links above to purchase the transfer and surfaces, and Like and Follow my Facebook page Chalk The Dog to tune-in to my Live. Don't forget to sign up for Notifications to receive a headsup when it starts.




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