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Chalk Couture pumpkins

It seems strange to me that I didn't like pumpkin pie when I was younger. I was a fussy eater. I had a healthy appetite, but very picky taste buds!

So many of the foods that I turned my nose up at as a child, I now enjoy immensely. Except cauliflower...blecch! Oh, and liver & onions should be banished from the planet, but I digress.

I now adore pumpkin pie (link to recipe in this post) and love using pumpkins to decorate for autumn, thanksgiving, and Hallowee'en. When you think about it, there aren't many things you can put out on display September 1st and still be relevant until November! The decor that just keeps on giving for #hallowthanksmas!

If you caught the Live on my Facebook page last night you saw my Chalk Couture double sided pumpkin cutouts. I chalked cute fall sayings on one side, and in a couple of weeks I will flip them over and do Jack 'O Lanterns on the reverse. Love how Chalk Couture lets us decorate to the max without having to rent a storage locker to hold our creations. Double sided or multi-use surfaces for the win!

Anyway, that was a long, round about way of saying that I'm continuing my pumpkin theme tonight. I will be using the plain pumpkins from our Jack-O-Lanterns transfer to create a fall piece for my living room. If you've followed me for awhile, you will have learned two things about me: I am somewhat of a minimalist in my decor, and I prefer neutral colours. That means you won't be seeing any orange pumpkins tonight! I'm going to be doing a couple of boards, one with shades of blue/teal and the other shades of pink!

Join me for the fun.

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