Suddenly Summer Collapsed Into Fall

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As I look at the calendar today, I see that there is still 3 weeks before we officially slide into autumn, but we are conditioned to think of back to school as the end of summer.

First week of September, and Toronto is under yet another heat warning. I've lost track of how many we've had this year, but it has been a very hot summer. Normally our temperatures exceed 30 C for the month of July, then dip down into the mid to high twenties for the month of August. This year we shot up into the mid 30s in mid-June, and have been bouncing back up there on a regular basis this month. I'm not complaining, because all too soon we will wake up to frost, and the slide into winter will begin!

I would love if the autumn could last until a week before Christmas, then we could have snow until the 31st and then back to autumn. Okay, I know, that's realistic, but we can all dream a little!

So when the inevitable arrives, along with autumn, it's time to embrace the change.Personally I love may be my favourite time of year. The crisp air, cozy sweaters, fireplaces, hot chocolate, and the sound of blue jays. Thoughts turn to nesting...turning your home back into a cozy retreat. The light sheer drapes are exchanged for warm, thick ones that hold back the chill. The candles are taken out of the fireplace, and logs are laid waiting for the first fire.

One of the reasons I became a Chalk Couture Independent Designer was so that I could change the decor seasonally, without having to spend a fortune or rent a storage locker just for my decor. I have selected the perfect spots for decor, chosen the perfect Chalk Couture frame, and when the season changes I spray a little distilled water on each board, wipe it off, and choose another amazing transfer to put in it's place. If I want to keep my colour scheme to one or two colours, this will take me no more than 5 minutes. 

This week I am starting a series of Live Facebook and YouTube videos showing this process. Each day I will choose one of my frames and show you how to switch out the summer design for one of our exciting new autumn transfers. Click on one of the links below, Like and Follow my Facebook page or Subscribe to my channel, and make sure you turn on Notifications so you'll know when I go Live.

Tonight we're starting with my 12 x 18 Aiden, which is one of our beautiful, high end magnetic Chalk Boards, and I'll be doing the design in the picture,  so tune in! Oh, the board in the picture is our 12 x 18 Odette board.

Oh, one other thing....I've decided to incorporate some general crafting and multi media fun in my Lives, so watch for the first of those on Wreath Wednesday. I'll be showing you how to make a simple autumn wreath for your door, and you can also purchase the finished product if you don't have time to make one yourself.



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