This strange world

Marg Peebles

Hard to believe that we have been living under the pall of Covid-19 for 5 months. When we received the order to go home and shelter in place in March, I don't think any of us expected it to last more than a few weeks. Toronto, Canada finally moved into Phase 3 of reopening on July 24th, with masks and social distancing enforced in all public spaces.

I remember watching dystopian movies such as I Am Legend, or series like the Walking Dead and wondering how the characters adjusted to their strange new I know. Although the Covid world is nowhere near as crazy as these fantasies, we have adapted to our new normal one day at a time. We used to look at people wearing masks as paranoid, now it is no stranger to us than wearing a hat, and the thought of cramming into a crowded bus or subway is foreign to us.

So where does Chalk The Dog fit in this new reality? More than ever, I find myself looking to make my home a place of serenity and joy. I have always been greatly influenced by my surroundings, and when so much of our daily life is now out of our control, I focus on those things that I can control, like the walls and halls of my home.

It's not going to make everything right in our world, but it sure can make things better, and I really want to share that with others. So I'm recommitting to my business, and scheduling a full month of Lives on my Facebook page. Funny how I dreaded going Live the first time, but now I miss it! So if you haven't already done so, click on the link below to my Facebook page, hit the Follow button, and set yourself up to receive Notifications so you'll know when to tune in. 

Our Autumn/Winter catalogue launched on July 1st, and the Retired Transfer Vault opened on August 3rd, so I have tons of new transfers to share with you. I'm also going to be doing some non Chalk Couture crafts on there....coming up first, a simple and beautiful Autumn Wreath. I will also be sharing Lives on my YouTube channel, so if you prefer to watch there, be sure to Subscribe and sign up for notificationsj.

Okay, the dogs of Chalk The Dog are letting me know that it's almost time for their morning walk, so I'd better get moving. I'm going to try and be more present here on my blog as well, so watch for new posts.

Find your happy today :)

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