5 Best Black and White Fall Decor Ideas

Marg Peebles

We are officially into fall, and the stores are full of pumpkins, gourds, autumn leaves, not to mention jack 'o' lanterns, witches, and ghosts, oh my!

My Instagram and Pinterest feeds are full of brightly coloured front porches and mantels, and while I appreciate the sentiment, I just can't do oranges and reds in my home. Oh sure, I could remove all of my blush accents and replace them with fall colours, but the truth is that neutrals are my happy place, and I just wouldn't love the end result.

So, what's a neutral loving slightly boho minimalist to do?

I take inspiration from the colourful fall displays and reinterpret them in black and white. So lets take a look at my top 5 black and white fall decor ideas.

1) This one is so obvious that I'm kind of embarrassed to list it but...switch the classic orange pumpkins for black and white. Over the past couple of years Michaels and Hobby Lobby have figured out that we don't all love the orange, and it is really easy to get black and white pumpkins now. Or if you don't have one of those stores nearby, grab a few orange ones from the dollar store and a couple of cans of spray paint and you're all set. Pumpkins are really the foundation for most fall displays, so by making this change you're setting the stage.


white pumpkins neutral fall decor

2) Buffalo plaid is your friend and makes the perfect accent for fall. A soft cushy throw on your sofa, or a couple of cushions on your front porch. Easy peasy. The bold graphic check hints at the classic plaid, but reinterpreted in a way that doesn't completely throw off your neutral vibe.

buffalo plaid cushions fall decor

3) Embrace the rainbow....of shades of white, that is! This actually applies to any colour scheme you choose, but it is excruciatingly important when you're working with one or two colours. Don't try and match your whites perfectly because a) you will drive yourself crazy trying, and b) you will end up with a display that is flat and boring. I would make the decision as to whether you want pure whites or if you are happier with creamy, vintage whites, and don't try to mix them. Once you've made that call, embrace all shades of the colour...some will be lighter and some will be darker, but they will all work together and bring life to your display. Note: It is definitely possible to effectively mix pure white and creamy white in your decor, but think of it as the advanced's easier to get the look you're going for as a novice if you stick to one or the other.

4) Add texture and pattern. The go to for this in most fall decor is autumn leaves, but we can get the same effect without sacrificing our black and white esthetic. Birch logs are awesome for adding texture, and oh, look at that....they're black and white!

The biggest problem I see when people try to embrace neutral decor is that the room ends up looking flat and lifeless. If you are going to take colour out of the equation, you need to replace it with something to stimulate the eye. A black and white room or display needs texture and pattern.  A chunky knit throw...or a bold black and white mudcloth cushion. (Check out my DIY version in this Live.) 

chunky white knit throw

7) Consider adding a muted accent colour. One of the basic ideas in colour theory is that colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel just go beautifully together. When you're designing your home or garden and choose every shade of yellow under the sun, the reality is that a touch of blue or purple makes the room pop. The same thing is true of a black and white scheme. A hint of colour will bring your decor to life. Now I'm not suggesting you go crazy and throw in candy apple red if you're a neutral decor queen, but just a light touch of blush, or palest blue or green is stunning in a black and white display.


white and teal pumpkins fall decor


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