Minimalism = Breathing Space

y journey to minimalism has been an up and down winding journey, not a straight, smooth path. Honestly, I backslide often as I fall prey to Shiny Object Syndrome (hello stack of cute little baskets I never use but had to have!)

Regardless of how many times I stray from my objective, I keep revisiting the subject, because the reality is that a minimalist home really does give you physical, mental, and emotional breathing space. When I walk in to a room that has piles of clutter on the coffee table, laundry piled on a chair, and odds and ends with no home stacked in a corner, there is a low level anxiety present, and that tends to colour my thoughts and emotions as well.

I just plain think and feel better when my surrounding are organized and uncluttered, and I'm far more productive.

This extends to my decor as well. I've fallen down various rabbit holes of farmhouse, boho, Victorian, retro kitsch, etc. over the years, but I keep coming back to clean lines, simple or no patterns, and bright colour only appearing as an accent that I change out with the seasons.

When I started my journey with Chalk Couture, I admired other designers creations with beautiful bows and embellishments, and I tried to emulate them, but it just never worked for me. I would put a bow on, take a picture, hang it on my door or wall, and within 24 hours I'd rip the bow off because it just didn't feel right!

So that's how I became The Minimalist Crafter. I love to craft, DIY, upcycle, and just plain create, but on my terms. Join me as I jump headfirst into DIY decor that hints at the seasons without feeling like you've been slapped upside the head with a jack 'o' lantern, turkey, or Christmas tree!

Oh, and the best part? You won't need to rent a storage locker to hold it all!

More with less...

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